Isai Ma(i)yam

In 2017 I went to India for 3 weeks to do volunteerwork in an orphanhome. The Dutch organisation Isai Ma(i)yam provides these children in their basic needs in Pondicherry. There are two locations. One for the boys and another one for the girls. They also have a daycare for children with a handicap.

I was staying in the orphanhome for the girls. There are 20 girls staying in that location. Both the boys and girlshome have their one supervisor. For the boys it’s Ruban. When he was young he was also living at Isai Ma(i)yam. Sarasvady is the supervisor of the girls. She has a lot of experience working with children. The children get the best shelter, food and education support. Especially when you found out, what the backgrounds are. Some of their mother commited suicide, domestic violence or proverty.

My day would always start with a breakfast with the girls. After breakfast they will get ready for school. De bigger girls would help the little ones. Sometimes they would also bread my hair. After while the bus would arrive to take to the daycare for the handicapped children. The children have a lot of activities, like math, writing and even yoga! And these are advanced yoga practioners. One of the handicapped children won a yogacontest. Most of the time I would teach the kids math. I really liked what Isai Ma(i)yam is doing for these children. They can become more independent when they become adults. After spending a whole day at the handicapped school, I went back to the orphanhome for the girls. They would arrive from school and make their homework. At 20:00 in the evening we would have dinner and after that the girls would get a English class from me. Than it was time to go to bed.

During the weekends the children of the orphanhome go to another the Art School for dance classes, music classes, English classes and computerskills.

I really loved the time I had spent in India and that’s why I would like to help them. At the end of year I will donate 1 euro for every active member of Sanjivani.