What does Ayurveda mean? Generally it’s translated as science of life, but that doesn’t cover everything. The first part is the word Ayur. Ayur means life, but in his broadest sens. That’s the psychical body, sense organs, organs, prana and the mind, but also our soul (atma), which is the base of our jiva (our reincarneted soul). This is yoga as well, you are one with (the five elements of) nature.

Veda is a special cognictive knowledge born meditation and samadhi. It’s not a ordinary science. Ayurveda is a Vedic science, a yogic science. It’s the inner alignment of your Self and complete harmony of body and mind.

Ayurvedic healing is not a treatment for diseases, but to bring everything in harmony and who we are. That starts by living the right way, the right diet, modifications to the seasons and our age. So you will live in harmony with nature and the consiousness, It’s a healing of your inner Self. We are the universal Prana and universal consiousness. We have the ability to heal ourselves. You can find healing inside of you. External tools and therapies are helpful, but they are not a replacement for your behaviour and changes. Ayurvedic healing is a yogic healing, vedic healing, prana healing, spiritual healing and natural healing. It covers everything. It’s a natural healing, because they use the knowledge of the Universe, planets, stars, atmosphere to the earth to the water and the mountains, flowers and herbs.

I hope you will use Ayurvedic healing in your spiritual path, yoga practice or if you like to be one with nature or any other kind of path.

Ayurveda is a more than 5000 year old Rishi tradition. That means the knowledge has been orally taught from teacher to student for those years. Honor this tradition by integrating this in your life. It will make you connect with your true Self and the cosmic intelligence. Eventually it will bring harmony for the whole world.

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